TYGRIS Dual Textured Engineers Hand Wipes

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The Tygris Engineers’ Dual-Textured wipe has been specifically developed for use in environments where the removal of grease and grime is an everyday challenge.

Quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as oil, grease Ink and petrol from Hands, Tools, Machinery and similar Interior and Exterior surfaces.

These large, strong and absorbent wipes contain a powerful heavy-duty cleaner which is proven to remove tough stuff whilst remaining safe for use on hands.

Their double sided rough and soft material provides the mechanical scrubbing action required to remove stubborn dirt. Lanolin based moisturiser conditions the skin preventing dryness and cracking.

No rinsing of hands is required making these wipes not only an excellent safe cleaner but also a convenient essential for workshop or on site.

Anti-Bacterial: Engineers’ Dual-Textured Wipes actively combat MRSA, Listeria, E Coli, Weils disease and other common bacteria found in the home and workplace.

  • There are 110 wipes per pail, that are foil sealed for freshness and long storage life

Product Safety Sheet: TYGRIS_HW111_Engineers wipes