Tiger Stripe Bags

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Offensive Waste Bags

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Tiger Stripe (Offensive Waste) Bags –70L bags in a roll of 10

What are Tiger Stripe Bags?

Tiger stripe bags are used in medical clinics and veterinary surgeries where you need to dispose of medical items or tools that do not carry any risk of infection. These items might include exterior dressings, plaster casts and gowns or hats.

These fit a 60L Nappy Bin

They can also be used for sanitary purposes, for example where nappies, sanitary or other pads may need to be disposed of, or where animal beds and waste have to be discarded.  Clinic and surgery owners can use them for autoclaved laboratory waste, plus masks and gloves which have not been used in a surgical setting.

Using these types of bags can have huge costs savings as otherwise these items would often be disposed of with infectious waste, the disposal of which is much more costly for Clinics and Veterinary Surgeries.

They are not suitable for Infectious waste, domestic waste, anatomical waste, placental waste or Cytotoxic/Cytostatic waste. They are also not suitable for sharp objects which may pierce the bag and cause injury as well as liquids.