Selden Stoneglo – metalised polish

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SELDEN STONEGLO MARBLE AND TERRAZZO FINISH is an extremely strong and durable metallized polish which is easy to remove and does not discolour the floor, however light.

It enhances the appearance and prolongs the lifespan of terrazzo and marble floor surfaces, and responds superbly to spray burnishing.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE:  The floor surface must be clean and grease-free before applying STONEGLO – old polish coats should be removed with  SELSTRIP.

Apply STONEGLO thinly and evenly to the dry floor using an applicator or clean lint-free mop.  After 30 minutes apply a second coat.  For enhanced gloss buff the floor.

1 litre of STONEGLO will cover 60m².

Product Safety Sheet: SELDEN_A004_STONEGLO 


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